Floodsure is a system which gives you confidence that your property and possessions are protected from flooding. Floodsure supplies a complete professional team of surveyors, assessors and installers. We work with recognised and reputable Insurers. Our surveys and installations are bespoke and tailored to your individual property as are any insurance policies that might be offered.

The survey will identify if your property is likely to flood and to what extent. If it is likely to flood, we will recommend solutions which, if implemented by us, could be matched to an appropriate insurance policy. That insurance policy will stay with the property.

The measures installed are mainly passive which means they achieve the following:

  • Peace of mind that the systems will operate without your intervention. You can be on holiday or asleep in bed safe in the knowledge that your home is protected.
  • The installations are non-obtrusive in that they look like standard building products.
  • Our installations are compliant with the insurer's requirements.

If you have a listed property or architecturally bespoke design, we have the ability to replicate a number of existing installations including timber doors.